Language Exchange Program

Language Exchange Program

This program supports Fukuoka University students to exchange languages and cultures with each other.

We have this program twice a year (Application Period: April and September). More detailed information, please check out FU Portal.

What is “Language Exchange Program”?

It’s a program for Japanese students and international students to learn and teach each other’s languages. Center for International Programs supports students to find a partner to exchange languages.(e.g. Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and so on).

Fukudai students can participate in the program for various reasons…

  • Make international/Japanese friends.
  • Experience international exchange and learn languages.
  • Improve the proficiency of your target language.
  • Find more opportunities to speak your target language.

How to apply?

  1. Submit your application form by the deadline.
  2. Our staff in charge will look for your language exchange partner.
    In some cases, we might not be able to find your partner because of the number of applications or the target languages you want to learn.